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InterMotion Technology releases FotoFlo for iPhone

Folsom, CA, May 3, 3012: InterMotion Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that FotoFlo is now available for iPhone. Available in the app store today, FotoFlo is a content generation application that helps you tell stories with your photographs in a new and unique way. FotoFlo provides the ability to generate videos from photographs, recording your commentary while zooming and panning around your photographs, and putting a spotlight on friends and family. With FotoFlo you can share your recordings with your friends by Facebook, YouTube, or email.

FotoFlo for iPhone builds upon the capabilities of FotoFlo for iPad, and features a new simplified user interface, support for portrait-mode recording and the ability to add soundtracks from your iPhone music library. Import photographs from your Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa accounts as well as the iPhone Camera and Photo Library. Create title slides for your recordings and add text to your photographs. Variable-speed sliding transitions between photographs provide a natural feel to your recording.

FotoFlo features cloud-based video generation, which provides significant data plan and time savings. A minimum amount of data is transferred to InterMotion’s servers, where your recordings are converted to video and then shared with your friends in the cloud, freeing your iPhone and your data plan from lengthy video generation and sharing transfers.

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