Frequently asked questions

Q: What is FotoFlo?
A: FotoFlo is like a video camera for your photos and other digital images. FotoFlo records your interaction with your photos, both sound and touch; we call a recordings a "Flo". You can pan, zoom, and put a spotlight on your photos while you and your friends talk about them. Once you have recorded your Flo, we upload it and convert it to video. You can send the video to your friends by email, post it on your Facebook wall, or upload it to your YouTube account.

Q: What can you do with FotoFlo?
A: Just about anything. You can capture your grandmother's memories of old family photos while she spotlights and names long-lost relatives. You can send a personal greeting with your vacation photos to your friends. You can make a sales video for your real estate listing. You can interview your artist neighbor, and take a close look at some of his paintings. FotoFlo helps you create your videos quickly, and share them easily.

Q: Does FotoFlo run on iOS 5?
A: Version 1.0 of FotoFlo is compatible with iOS 4. We will be releasing an iOS 5 compatible version very soon.

Q: Will FotoFlo run on my iPad 1?
A: Yes. However, FotoFlo works best on an iPad 1 when no other applications are running in the background. To close applications that are running in the background, double-tap your iPad's home button. Now touch and hold one of the applications that is shown at the bottom of the display. The application icons will begin to wiggle, and an red "-" sign will appear on the upper left corner. Touch the "-" to stop the application from running in the background. You can also find a description of background applications and how to manage them at:

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